Modi’s Quick Road to Defense

With Eye on China, Modi Government to Fast-Track Border Roads

New Delhi:  Much-needed roads along the border with China and defense projects that are vital for the army will be fast-tracked for environmental clearances, the Narendra Modi government has decided. Environmental reviews and sanctions will be fast-tracked through a new series of guidelines that will be revealed within a month.

Not very useful considering that China has a Railway Line from Beijing to Lhasa. A railway line over the roof of the world – Tibet. The ground on this plateau is permafrost and so to lay a stable railway line the Chinese pump refrigerant below the tracks to freeze the permafrost and let the train pass over. This for the entire length of the plateau till Lhasa. Apart from the train itself being air-locked to prevent death from Mountain Sickness as the train rapidly changes altitude from the plains to the plateau. And as any good military strategist knows, there is no better way to move weapons and people than by train.

So, in case the two largest standing armies on Earth decide to face-off over a chunk of the Himalayas, the Indian governments with its US Military Cargo Planes, Russian (more accurately Soviet Era) Aircraft Carrier or the Czech Tatra Truck can no way match the Chinese Train.



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