Finally…Apple iPhone copies from Samsung Galaxy

Alleged iPhone 6 Compared With Samsung Galaxy S5 in Leaked Image

Apple’s much-anticipated next iPhone, expected to be called the iPhone 6, has been speculated about and leaked in images several times over the past few months. And it seems there’s no stopping till the date Apple officially reveals its next-generation iPhone devices – leaks have been tipping there will be two display size variants – 4.7- or 5.5-inch.

The alleged wider, thinner iPhone 6 seems to feature a 4.7-inch display, and is slightly shorter than the Galaxy S5 (which sports a 5.1-inch display) in side by side comparison. The alleged iPhone 6 in the leaked image also appears to be thinner than the Galaxy S5 (Review I Pictures), which is 8.1mm thick.

Apple’s rumoured iPhone 6 is widely anticipated to sport curved edges, doing away with its currentstraight-edge design. Further, the next iPhones’ sides are said to house the power button positioned on the right panel of the device, instead on the top panel seen on current iPhone models. Meanwhile, the side panels are likely to include a slightly modified volume buttons.


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