Mr. Poacher, please don’t cut up the largest Ivory Tusk found in recent history

Poachers kill one of the world’s largest elephants in Kenya

One of Africa’s last ‘great tuskers’, elephants with ivory weighing over 100lbs, has been poisoned to death by poachers in Kenya after years of adapting his behaviour to hide himself from humans.

The bull, named Satao and likely born in the late 1960s, succumbed to wounds from poison darts in a remote corner of Tsavo National Park where he had migrated to find fresh water after recent storms.

His carcass yesterday lay with its face and great tusks hacked off, four legs splayed where he fell with his last breath, left only for the vultures and the scavengers.

Conservationists told how he moved from bush to bush always keeping his ivory hidden amongst the foliage.

“I’m convinced he did that to hide his tusks from humans, he had an awareness that they were a danger to him,” said Mark Deeble, a British documentary filmmaker who has spent long periods of time filming Satao.

Hi Mr. Poacher, A sincere request from this author asking you to please not cut up the tusks that you have removed from the face of one of the largest elephants to have been walking on Earth till day-before-yesterday. It was trying hard to survive by hiding its tusks in bushes but that does not matter now. What does matter is that at least its beautiful tusks do not go in vain. Let the rich Chinese Man enjoy the tusk in all its splendor, uncut from where the base of the tusk that till a few days back embedded in the face of the largest elephant that walked the Earth to the tip of the tusk that till a few days back was nestled in the African Bush hiding it from the hunter. Let it not be woven into a beads on a necklace or used on chess board. Please make sure it is crossed, like antique swords, upon a wall. Even better if you could carve out a tableau from the African wild of perhaps a wandering herd of Elephants as they might not remain in the wild for a lot longer.


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