German Glory: Germany occupies Brazil

Germans go for ‘logical’ solution to address World Cup security fears – they build a luxury new £25 million base

They have a better squad, a better record and – in keeping with the German reputation for meticulous preparation – they appear to have bagged the best accommodation, too. While England have plumped for an ageing Rio hotel close to a gang-infested slum as their base, the Germans will luxuriate in a  secluded, specially-built £25million resort within easy reach of all their games. Funded jointly by the German FA and private enterprise, the Campo Bahia resort offers beach-facing villas, hot tubs, a 2,000  sq  ft pool area and its own restaurant.

The German FA has invested in a purpose built beach-front resort for their team at a cost of £25 million – which will open to the public after the World Cup. The training pitches and media centre are just one mile away. Crucially, the complex – which lies 700 miles north of Rio on the Atlantic coast – offers easy security and is a short ride away from the airport, ensuring that the German players can be delivered to all their games in less than two hours by private  jet. The base will become a commercial resort when the World Cup is over.

By contrast, the England team face a journey of between one and two hours to their training ground – an army base – and up to three hours to the international airport from their hotel, the four-star Royal Tulip in Rio. Inside, there is cracked paint, a failing internet service and stained carpets. The £200-a-night hotel was criticised on TripAdvisor by one guest who said: ‘It makes a North Korean prison seem like a dream destination.’

This was my favorite story coming out of this years FIFA World Cup. While the rest of the countries are slumming it out in the Brazils Favelas fighting it out with the local drug lords, Germany has gone ahead and built itself a hotel just to house its players for the the month-long tournament. This level of preparation is unprecedented. While Brazil was barely finishing its stadiums on-time; Germany had planned and executed the construction of a resort. My belief is that all this stems from a strong undercurrent of national fervor that flow through Germany – fervor for German Glory. This is reflected in that private citizens were happy to invest in the hope of German Glory. Even the German Chancellor made it a point to attend their opening match in hope of cashing in the possible German Glory.


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