India ready for British Invasion

In the last few weeks, the state of Andhra Pradesh in India, was divided into two states. The lines along which the division happened?

Religion. NO.

Caste. NO.

Race. NO.

It boiled down to the accent of the language. It is the same language Telugu, just a different accent called Telangana accent as opposed to Andhra accent.

Obviously there was a deep root resentment of people speaking Telangana accent agains people speaking in the Andhra accent so they asked to be separated from those brutes who spoke in a different accent but belonged to the same religion, caste and race. Why? Because those brutes who spoke in the Andhra accent but belonged to the same religion, caste and race were usurping all the jobs in the region of the state where the accent was Telangana and hence by logic the jobs must belong to people who spoke in the Telangana accent. 

This has alway been a fundamental problem in India. India is like the European Union, every one of its member states speaks a different language and lives a different culture. So like the European Union, the Central Government of India is burdened by all the bickering and weakened by the lack of untied mandate. Threatened by political survival it consequently has to succumb to demands like the aforementioned one in an attempt to stay in power.

What is really troublesome is that it was such bickering among the princely states during 18th century that allowed the British to invade and rule India. It would be interesting to see how David Cameron, as prime minster of India, would manage this bickering. Although he does have the big boots to fill, his predecessors being Clement Atlee and Winston Churchill.

To give you a scale and serirosuness of all the bickering this is what the map of India would look like if all the demands for statehoods were met. A country with 29 states would be transformed into a country with more than 50 states.


To further illustrate these deep schisms of bickering between Indian states have a look at the gastronomical fault lines that exist within this nation.



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