Find out why children are missing from every school in Kerala

Classrooms are empty in Kerala.




What is it?



Yes a movie!

A movie that has ignited a mad-fervour among the students in Kerala who are flocking to theatres in droves with tickets sold-out even before they are sold. A movie that has led to widespread absenteeism in schools and colleges across Kerala. A  movie that has cops posted outside theatres to turn kids to school.

A euphoria has swept the state since the release of Premam with it grossing over Rs 50 crore in this one Kerala alone.  A euphoria that has led to parents requesting cops to make sure their kids are in school and not the theatre. Based on the complaint a state wide “Operation Gurukulam” has been launched by the Kerala Police who have been stopping kids outside theatres and calling their parents up.

As part of this operation on  Tuesday about 60 kids were turned away from a theater in Thiruvunanthapuram.

4681333757_6bcb0fdfa8_nPhoto Courtesy: Liji Jinaraj

Premam is a coming of age romantic love story starring Nivin Pauly and directed by Alphonso Putheran. Love is the subject of most if not all Indian movies and going by the success of Premam, love never seems to fail. At least not in the movies that is with enthusiasts reminiscing that the last time such an euphoria swept the state was Mohanlal’s Narasimham.


The euphoria of the movie has spread beyond the state, with filmmakers in Andhra Pradesh already competing with astronomical offers for the remake rights of the movie. Not to end their movie lovers in Andhra have already begun protesting against remaking the Malyalam movie in Telugu for fear of losing the original’s magic. When has the last time a movie has swept a state or the nation of its feet like this. Leave you thoughts in the comments below…

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